Potential Tech Talk Topics

Please contact us through the https://groups.io/g/ARTT group if you would like to suggest a future tech talk topic or if you would like to present a tech talk.


Here is a list of topics that have been suggested by the group:

  • How to give a zoom presentation/how to create a presentation
  • Setup a basic ham station
  • Types of transceivers
  • Contesting
  • RFI
  • Installing a mobile radio
  • Antennas
  • Grounding
  • Portable HF antennas for restricted spaces
  • Coax and wire terminations
  • APRS trackers
  • SDR radios
  • Emergency use of the ham bands/ hobby side
  • Digital voice modes basic intro
  • BBS system
  • Regulations
  • Mobile radio regulations
  • Power and off grid power
  • Nana VNA and antenna analyzers
  • Properties of a multi-meter
  • Mobile radio distracted driving exemption
  • Stationary mobile satellite comm’s
  • Voice Radio Protocols
  • Winlink Express
  • Buying used gear discussion