Past Tech Talks

Power line RFI
Presenters: Devan VE7LSE and Tom VE7TOM

LiFePO4 Battery Field Charging Discussion
Presenter: Jack VE7GDE
Topic video:

Ham Radio DXing
Presenter: David VA7DXX

Why not to buy and collect military and commercial grade radio equipment
Presenter: Chris VE7TOP

AREDN Amateur Radio Emergency Data Networking
Tech Talk by Orv W6BI

Topic: Are you Ready?
By Jack VE7POJ

Topic: RF Exposure Video and discussion
Video By ARRL

Topic: Field Day Introduction and Discussion

Topic: Antenna Building By Tim Duffy, K3LR, CEO of DX Engineering–k

Topic: “Let’s Talk About Amateur Radio Contesting

Topic: Winter Field Day Discussion

Topic: “What Is This Ferrite Stuff?” By Ward N0AX

Topic: 146.520 wilderness protocol discussion
Time: April 30th 16:00 PDT