Amateur Radio Tech Talks

Sharing ham radio tech talks with the amateur radio community!

Welcome to Amateur Radio Tech Talks

We are a group of amateur radio enthusiasts who desire to share ideas and information with others in the Amateur Radio Service. So we have decided to share and organize our Zoom tech talks on this website. If you would like to contribute a tech talk on any amateur radio topic, please feel free to contact the group. The more people who can contribute, the better the information will be. This is an open ham radio community!

Please subscribe to the by clicking this link or sending an email to Please set your name to display your first name and callsign. The tech talk invitations will be sent out using the system. Once subscribed, click on subscriptions for the type of email delivery method you would like. You can unsubscribe anytime you like.
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Please remember: We are not teachers or accredited instructors. Though we have some proficiency in some areas of the amateur radio service, our knowledge remains limited. We provide this information as information only and it is entirely informal. No guarantee is given or implied. All information is the best that we can give. These are not instructions, directions or training, and if that’s what you are seeking we recommend finding properly accredited instruction or information. So, use at your own risk. Take all necessary safety precautions and have fun!
We also record our zoom tech talks, so if you would like to remain anonymous, please mute or disable your video. Thank you.